VanishPoint safety blood collection set (bx)

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RTISKU: 24121

Size: 23g (bx) - EXP: 2025/05
$508 $725


Automatic in-vein retraction reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and blood exposure

  • Needle is retracted directly form patient which minimizes exposure to the contaminated needle
  • Allows for one-handed activation
  • Clear body allows for flashback visualization
  • Needle retraction clamps tubing, reducing risk of exposure to blood
  • 12" kink-resistant tubing
  • Latex, PVC and DEHP free
  • Colour coded according to needle gauge

25G x 3/4" x 12"  / 23G x 3/4" x 12" / 21G x 3/4" x 12"

Pack size: 1 box of 50's

Please find more information as follows catalogue.

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