SALUBER Drain High Super absorbent Mat (Box of 100's )

Genimpex s.r.l.SKU: SD-0059-18



Super absorbent medical mat to absorb and retain fluids generated

  • Anti-skid design to prevent accidental slip due to wet floors
  • Reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Combine of 3 different material layers 
    • Upper layer : Fast permeable Polyethylene allows instant liquid penetration and fast dry
    • Middle layer : Airlaid added with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) capable to retain large volumes of liquid
    • Bottom layer : Antiskid Polyethylene 
  • Holes are reverse-cone-shaped design to avoid backflow of fluids to the surface
  • All-round sealed edges prevent leakage of absorbed fluids

Size: 50 x 90 cm

Absorbance: 3.5 litres per square meter

Pack size: Folder of 5 mats, mat of 30 pieces

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