Hygeolis HEPA Filter (pc)




Comprises of 2 layers of filtering system:
  • Medical grade HEPA filter to effectively trap most of the particles
    • Captures micro-particles as small as 0.1 µm
    • Captures fine dust, pollen, micro-organisms (bacteria, mites, moulds, spores, fungi, etc.)
    • Reduces allergenic reactions of respiratory system and asthma
  • Very high density activated carbon filter to remove odours from the air
    • Destroys stubborn odours (permeating fabrics, cigarettes, stale tobacco)
    • Absorbs VOCs (formaldehyde, benzene, tetrachloroethylene, ammonia vapours, bleach)
    • Captures toxic gases (pesticides, kitchen fumes, hydrogen sulphide)
    • Speed up the breakdown of ozone in ambient air

    Compatibility: Nateosante Hygeolis Air Purifier

    Usage: average 3 - 4 months

    Pack size: 1 piece per pack

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