Hooks for Disposable Curtains (Pack)

EndurocideSKU: SC-HOOK

Size: Quick - fit (1 pack 30's)


Hanging systems for both Endurocide sporicidal and untreated curtain. Different glider and hooks are designed to fit hospital curtain track system.

  • Quick-fit
    • One-piece hook and pre-fitted onto curtain
    • Allows quick and easy installation
  • Wheeled
    • Integral wheels offers smoother movement
    • Fit the same railing as Quick-fit
  • Wide-wheeled
    • Integral wheels offers smoother movement
    • Larger head to fit wider channels

Size(Head width ; Neck width): Quick-fit(10mm;4mm) / Wheeled(9.5mm;4.5mm) / Wide-wheeled(12mm;4.5mm) 

Pack size : 1 pack 30's

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