Foliodrape Protect Drape , 75 x 90cm /45 x 75cm /90 x 150cm (bx)

Paul HartmannSKU: 277502

Size: 75 x 90cm (bx)


Disposable surgical drape provides effective draping solution for surgeries, outpatient department, ward and clinic.
  • Large surface and ensures a reliable absorption strength
  • Made of hydrophilic nonwoven with polyethylene
  • Impermeable to moisture and bacteria
  • Minimize the risk of germ transmission 
  • Sterile and individually wrapped

Pack size:
75 x 90cm - 1 bx of 35's
45 x 75cm - 1 bx of 65's
90 x 150cm - 1 bx of 20's

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