Clear Image Singles - Ultrasound Gel (Bx of 100's)

NextSKU: 02-400B-015

Size: 15 ml (bx)


High viscosity used for vascular and echocardiography applications while medium viscosity used for abdominal and OB/GYN applications 

  • Individual, single patient packets help to prevent cross-contamination and the risk of nosocomial infection associated with refilling and reusing gel bottles
  • Easy to use and eliminate the refilling process
  • Virtually bubble-free for enhanced image quality
  • Provides optimal sound velocity and acoustic impedance
  • Skin-friendly No irritating dyes, perfumes, parabens or surfactants
  • Dose not contain known ingredients that harm transducers
  • Applicable to major diagnostic ultrasound equipment manufacturers
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Can be warmed in standard gel warmers before applying to the patient Dispensing cartons provided

Size: 15ml, High / 30ml, Medium
Pack size: 1 box of 100's


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