Air flow filtration system mobile unit fitted with 1350-100 arm and diam. 350 hood

AirsafeSKU: VX400M



It is a mobile medical aerosol suction system with high flow capacity to create negative pressure around the 350mm diameter hood, ensuring an effective capture of aerosol and extra-oral nebulization. It can help to protect healthcare professional in any high-risk procedures, i.e., dental procedures, ventilation, bronchoscopy.

  • High flow capacity (6600 litre/minute)
  • Multi-stage filtration patented system, including HEPA H14 filter, to abate 99.995% of 0.12 µm particles
  • Self-supporting arms to ensure effective up-close capture of aerosol
  • Silent (sound level ≤ 60dB)
  • Easy-to-use

Size: 495 x 590 x 790 (H) mm

Pack size: 1 set

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