Powerheart AED G5 Semi- Automatic (unit)

Cardiac ScienceSKU:CAS-G5S-37A



Ideal for every rescuer no matter first-time rescuer or professional rescuer

  • Semi-automatic AED is ready to respond until rescuer press the shock delivery button
  • Rescuer ensure nobody is touching the patient and then deliver shock by semi-automatic AED which prevent shock leakage
  • Voice and text prompts are provided for rescuer to perform each step
  • Data can be collected immediately from a USB port after the recue
  • Self-tests are performed everyday which ensure the functionality of internal circuitry, battery and rescue pads are ready to use
  • IP55 rating prove that G5 against to dust and water
  • Fluent in two language by pressing a button without interruption
  • 8-year AED warranty with guarantee 4-year full operational battery
  • Product size: 30(H) x 23(W) x 9(D) cm
  • Product weight (Battery and pads included): 2.6 kg

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