GLINE-2019-nCoV Ag Self-Test Kit (Box of 5 tests)





This is to declare the GLINE-2019-nCoV Ag Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kits distributed by are directly supplied by BGI Health (HK) Co., Ltd.

Product information is as following:
Reference no.: G86257
Lot no.: 20220107
Expiry date: 20230711

  • Qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein SARS-CoV-2 antigen in 15 minutes, assay is able to detect Omicron and Delta variant
  • Support nasal swab
  • High sensitivity 96% and specificity 99.56 % for reliable and accurate result
  • Meets World Health Organization (WHO) recommended standard for rapid antigen test
  • CE marked
  • Fast results available within 15-20 minutes
  • Easy operation process, no additional electronic equipment and chemical examination needed
  • Convenient rapid test kit is perfect for frequent testing and suspected cases

Pack size: box of 5 tests

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